London City Hall. File photo by Blackburn Media.London City Hall. File photo by Blackburn Media.

Councillor Wants Integrity Commissioner To Probe Affair

Whether or not to have London's Integrity Commissioner investigate if code of conduct rules were broken by Mayor Matt Brown or Councillor Maureen Cassidy will be debated at city hall.

Councillor Josh Morgan has drafted a motion requesting Integrity Commissioner Greg Stewart launch an inquiry into the affair that came to light on Tuesday.

"The mayor is consulting to get his own advice on this matter and I think that it's important for council to initiate its own investigation," says Morgan. "We would receive back any information of any wrongdoing or any violations of the code of conduct and ask the integrity commissioner to suggest enhancements to the code of conduct in case there are interpretations that are missing."

Stewart met with Brown at Stewart's Grand Bend law office on Thursday. But Morgan says Brown is not obligated to share with his council colleagues or the public what was discussed.

"In the advisory role, the advice is for the person who initiated it. Mayor Brown may choose to disclose what was said and that is completley up to him," says Morgan. "But I think we have to take some responsibility as a council to do our own research and investigation through the integrity commissioner, receive our own report, and provide any enhancements to the policy that we need to provide based on that report."

Morgan says enlisting Stewart to conduct an investigation would allow council to stay focused on city business while at the same time addressing the scandal that brought national attention to London.

If Morgan's motion is approved it is unclear how long an investigation would take.

"That's completely up to the discretion of the integrity commissioner to take the time and do the research that he needs to do," says Morgan. "The most important thing when you do an investigation is that it is thorough and complete.

Stewart is paid $250 an hour plus expenses while investigating issues at city hall.

The draft motion goes to the corporate services committee on Tuesday.

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