The Riverside Boat Launch at 520 Riverside Drive. Photo provided by the City of London.The Riverside Boat Launch at 520 Riverside Drive. Photo provided by the City of London.

City creating space along Thames for Londoners to scatter funeral ashes

By the end of the year, there will be a more accessible spot along the Thames River for Londoners to scatter the ashes of loved ones.

The City of London announced on Wednesday it will be upgrading the Riverside Boat Launch at 520 Riverside Drive to improve access to the water, add signage, and provide space for scattering of ashes and paddling.

"We’ve received a number of inquiries from Londoners about the ability to scatter ashes in city parks and along the Thames River,” said Paul Yeoman, the city's director of parks and forestry. “Although there are no restrictions to this practice along the banks of the river and in any park, we recognize the importance of having a recommended site to provide the community with an accessible, tranquil, and safe location."

Yeoman said that after looking at several potential access points the Riverside Boat Launch was selected because it offers a large space where families and friends can reach the water.

The city plans to incorporate additional recommended sites for scattering ashes into future park and shoreline improvements in the future.

Permission from the city to scatter ashes on waterways and in parks is not required in London. There is also no rule that those scattering ashes will have to use the Riverside Boat Launch.

The city is asking that anyone paying tribute at the river be cautious near the water and not leave other items including food, cloth, notes, photos, or wrappers from bouquets either in the water or on the shoreline.

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