File Photo of the Thames Valley District School Board office. File Photo of the Thames Valley District School Board office.

TVDSB capping enrolment at several elementary schools

A number of public elementary schools in the London area will be subject of temporary enrolment caps soon. 

The Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) announced its plans to cap enrolment at Delaware Central Public School and Lambeth Public School starting January 1, 2024 due to an increase in new families moving within the district. The board said a number of the families are from the Greater Toronto Area. 

Additional enrolment caps for Masonville Public School and Wilberforce Public School will be put in place once the schools reach their respective portable limits. The TVDSB said it does not expect portable limits at either school to be reached until 2026. 

“Thames Valley will designate new families in capped attendance areas to interim schools until permanent accommodations are available,” read a statement from the TVDSB. 

For Delaware Central P.S., the interim accommodation school will be Parkview P.S. For Lambeth P.S., Westmount P.S., and Princess Elizabeth P.S. have been selected as the most appropriate interim accommodation schools. 

Stoney Creek P.S. has been selected as an interim accommodation school for Masonville P.S., and Oxbow P.S. has been determined as the interim accommodation school for Wilberforce P.S.

The changes will apply to new families only. Siblings of students already attending said schools will be able to enrol. 

Last month, TVDSB announced an enrolment cap at White Oaks P.S., moving some students to Nicholas Wilson P.S, while the board seeks approval from the province to build a new elementary school in southwest London. 

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