Damaged bus shelter. File photo by Ashton Patis. Damaged bus shelter. File photo by Ashton Patis.

17 bus shelters smashed in northeast London

Vandals have again focused their destructive behaviour on London bus shelters.

Over the weekend, the glass was smashed out of 17 shelters in the area of Huron Street and Highbury Avenue. This brings the number of damaged bus shelters in the city over the past six months to approximately 95, according to London Transit.

The cost to repair the damaged shelters, roughly $500 per glass panel, will not immediately be shouldered by London Transit. Under a transit advertising shelter deal, Outfront Media has to maintain the shelters - but only to a certain point.

"London Transit is responsible for the replacement of glass panels after 120 panes are broken per year, said Katie Burns, London Transit's director of planning.

Vandals targeting bus shelters has been a growing issue in recent years. Between January and June of 2023, 145 panels were smashed on city bus shelters. In 2022, a total of 177 panels were broken, while in 2021 and 2020, 102 and 87 panels had to be replaced.

Whether the shelters should remain glass or be switched out with a product less susceptible to breakage is currently under discussion.

"London Transit is working with the shelter provider at assessing other possible materials," said Burns.

She did not elaborate on what other materials could be used. It has previously been noted that whatever the shelters are constructed with are required to meet safety requirements and that the glass currently being used is designed to crumble, reducing the chances a rider will sustain a cut.

The vandalism has been reported to London police.

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