Coyote (Image courtesy of 	Siva Kumar Nimmadala/Getty Images)Coyote (Image courtesy of Siva Kumar Nimmadala/Getty Images)

OPP urge coyote safety following dog, coyote attack

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are warning the public about coyotes following an attack on a man from Oneida Nation of the Thames First Nation.

At about 3:45 a.m. on Saturday, first responders from Middlesex County were called to an address on Nicholas Road for the report of a dog attack.

A 32-year-old man sustained serious injuries from the attack and was taken to hospital.

Investigators believe that both dogs and coyotes were involved in the attack.

As coyotes can be found anywhere in Ontario, in both rural and urban locations, police are offering these tips to prevent coyote attacks:

  • Don't put food out to attract wildlife (doing so makes animals less fearful of humans over time)

  • Keep your pets inside at night

  • Clean up after your dog (coyotes are attracted to dog feces)

  • Install a fence on your property (ensure it extends at least 20 centimetres underground)

  • Store garbage in sealed containers or put it out on the morning of collection

If you do come in contact with an aggressive animal police recommend that you stand tall, make lots of noise, and back away from it slowly. It's advised that you never approach the animal, never turn your back, and don't run away.

If an animal poses a threat to the public, call 911.

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