The Special Investigations Unit file photo by Maureen Revait The Special Investigations Unit file photo by Maureen Revait

SIU drops probe of e-bike rider's injuries

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has ended an investigation into injuries suffered by a man on an e-bike.

The SIU was called in after an incident on January 25, 2024. A 45-year-old man was riding an e-bike on the sidewalk on Oxford Street West when he saw a London police cruiser with its emergency lights turned on. The man, who was the subject of an arrest warrant, realized that the officer was trying to stop him. He took off, but lost control of the e-bike near Sanitorium Road and crashed into a snowbank.

He was taken into custody, but after complaining of being in pain, he was taken to hospital.

"Based on the SIU’s preliminary inquiries, including a review of the man’s medical records, Director (Joseph) Martino was satisfied the investigation should be discontinued," a statement from the SIU said. "The hospital records of the man’s visit confirm that he did not sustain any fractures or other serious injuries. His pain, while likely aggravated by the incident, was the result of a pre-existing condition."

According to the SIU, since there was "no serious injury" related to the incident, it did not have jurisdiction to investigate. The file is now closed.

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