The London Food Bank located at 926 Leathorne Street. (File photo by Ruby Sweeney/Blackburn Media.)The London Food Bank located at 926 Leathorne Street. (File photo by Ruby Sweeney/Blackburn Media.)

London Cares food drive brings in more donations than previous year

Londoners have once again given generously to help stock the food bank for the summer months.

The City of London announced the 28th annual London Cares Curb Hunger food drive brought in the equivalent of 87,800 lbs. of food over its 11 day run.

"I would like to thank the Londoners who participated... and donated to help fellow residents,” Mayor Josh Morgan said in a statement. “Our community has, yet again, shown immense compassion by helping the London Food Bank collect fresh, locally sourced, and healthy food to support our community this summer. Your efforts and donations make a difference, and I’m proud that Londoners continue to come together for this important cause.”

Of the 87,800 lbs. of food, 17,030 lbs. was dropped off at local grocery stores, London fire halls and the London Food Bank's warehouse on Leathorne Street. Another 24,625 lbs. was collected through corporate donations and 25,625 lbs. was brought in through the Community Refresh program. Financial donations came to the equivalent of 20,520 lbs. of food.

This year's total surpasses the 86,880 lbs. of food donated during last year's campaign.

“Every year, the campaign has been successful in helping London Food Bank collect fresh food for individuals and families in need, especially during summer months," said Food Bank Co-Executive Director Glen Pearson. "We encourage the residents, businesses, and community partners to donate to the London Food Bank, if and whenever they can, so everyone can have access to nutritious food throughout the year.”

Traditionally, the food bank receives fewer donations over the summer months as many people are away on vacation or otherwise preoccupied. The London Cares Curb Hunger food drive helps feed more than 29,000 people locally, according to the city.

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