Board of the London Poverty Research Centre Board of the London Poverty Research Centre

Poverty Research Centre At King's

The London Poverty Research Centre is partnering with King's University College to conduct evidence based research in hopes of eliminating poverty.

There will be a total of 17 researchers from different areas of academic expertise exploring how employment, food insecurity, homelessness and metal health issues pertain to the overall issue of poverty in London and Ontario.

The newly formed Board of the Centre will utilize the library and administrative supports at King's to form databases and collect information from those struggling in our community.

"We want to look at how we can have a poverty reduction strategy at the municipal level that fits with what we're doing on the provincial level," says board member Sue Wilson. "We want to really work with people who are living in poverty... This will give us access to a huge pool of researchers who can do that rigorous research that is so important."

Officials say the overall goal is to identify who will be next to fall into poverty and work to reverse the trend.

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