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Keep An Eye On Pets Left In Cars

As the warmer temperatures arrive, the London Humane Society is asking you to keep an eye on pets left in cars.
A mixture of warmer temperatures and high humidity can quickly turn deadly for animals left inside cars.
While officials say they are grateful for vigilant Londoners, there is not always the need for panic this time of year.
"The temperatures vary so dramatically and sometimes so quickly with the weather that we've been having in the last couple of years, but generally speaking, when it's early spring and a nice warm day the dog would be fine in the car, but there are those exceptions where the humidity can be high," says Executive Director of the London Humane Society Judy Foster. "We hope that people will be mindful of what the actual temperatures, when it's 14C outside and we're getting hot dog calls... the dog is not at risk."
However, Foster says if you are heading out to run errands and it is a hot day you should always leave your pets at home.
To report an animal in distress you can call the London Humane Society or the London Police.
Foster says last year while there were a few incidents, no pets died as a result of being locked in a hot car.

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