ETFO To Expand Work-To-Rule Campaign

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario is ramping up its work-to-rule campaign come Monday.

An ETFO memo circulating online calls for a "restructuring" of phase one of the union's work-to-rule campaign. It says teachers will refuse to partake in planning for field trips during the 2015-2016 school year, learn any of the new curriculum teachings or participate in grade transition meetings.

When phase one was first announced teachers were ordered to withdraw from administrative supports and cut things such as report card comments.

"Phase one has been directed at the school board association and the Liberal government. It has very little impact in terms of the day-to-day work that teachers do in the classroom. We continue to teach,  we continue to support the students with extra help if they need it," says local ETFO President Craig Smith, who notes teachers will not be going out of their way to learn the government's new sexual education curriculum. "They wouldn't be doing any of the training and in-service that is attached to the new curriculum, it doesn't meant they don't have access to the actual curriculum document itself and may or may not be using it."

Smith tells more details will be formally announced on Friday.


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