Glen Pearson and Sheila Hames at the London Food Bank. Photo by Victoria Sartor, Pearson and Sheila Hames at the London Food Bank. Photo by Victoria Sartor,

Food Bank Gets Big Donation

The London Food Bank received over 6,000 boxes of pasta from Catelli Foods Corporation as part of the company's Feed the Hope campaign.

Co-director of the London Food Bank Glen Pearson says Catelli matched the amount of Catelli products donated to the food bank between April and June.

He says over 8,000 lbs of Catelli pasta was delivered on Tuesday.

"It's great, and pasta is a great thing for us to give out to folks here, so we are always happy for this donation," says Pearson.

He says timing is essential with food donations since they tend to go down during the summer while demand stays the same.

"So the fact that Catelli did it now, and we can add that to the food drive food that just came in, means that this will get us through summer and up to Thanksgiving and that's what we really needed."

Catelli also launched a cookbook in support of Canadian Food Banks. The cookbook has 15 recipes developed by chefs with ingredients suggested by Canada's top athletes.

Sheila Hames, Executive Chef at the Delta London Armouries, worked with local marathon runner and record holder Lanni Marchant to create her dishes for the cookbook.

"They're healthy, they are something that are going to keep you going all day long. I know it helps her with her running," says Hames. "Just healthy products, healthy food."

Catelli Foods Corporation aims to donate one million servings of pasta to food banks across Canada.

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