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Firefighters Union President Denied Chance To Address Council

An attempt by the union representing London’s firefighters to address city council directly has been denied.

Jason Timlick, president of the London Professional Fire Fighters Association (LPFFA), asked the Corporate Services Committee for an opportunity to discuss the now six-year long labour dispute between the City of London and the union. The arbitration between the two parties is believed to be he longest contract dispute in Canadian firefighter history.

The motion to grant Timlick the chance to speak did not achieve a majority vote due to a tie, and the union's request was denied. Councillors Virginia Ridley, Josh Morgan, Tanya Park voted to allow the union president the chance to speak, however, councillors Harold Usher, Jesse Helmer, and Paul Hubert did not support the motion.

In a media release, the union says the request to speak at the meeting was made "in an effort to be certain city council [has] all of the facts they require to make an informed decision when it comes to the firefighters' current labour dispute."

Negotiations have been ongoing between the union and the city since the last contract expired in 2010.

"It is unfortunate that city council has decided to pass on an opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible, and to effectively silence firefighters in their chambers," the unions says in a release.

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