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Uber fires London driver charged with sexually assaulting passenger

The Uber driver charged with sexually assaulting a passenger is no longer working for the ride-sharing service.

A company spokesperson confirmed Wednesday the man's account has been shut down.

"What’s been reported by the rider is terrifying and we deactivated the driver as soon as we became aware of the incident," an Uber spokesperson said in a statement sent to LondonNewsToday.ca "We are grateful for the quick actions by police officers in arresting the suspect.”

According to London police, a woman had ordered the car from the ride-sharing service around 8:40 p.m. on Saturday. But the driver who picked her up did not take her to the requested address. Instead he pulled over, refused to unlock the doors, and sexually assaulted her. The woman eventually managed to escape and flag down a passerby for help. Police arrested a 67-year-old London man about 20 minutes later. He is charged with forcible confinement and sexual assault.

Uber has a team of "safety agents" who the company has said are tasked with investigating serious incidents such as this one. They are available to receive complaints 24 hours a day. The San Francisco-based company also requires all potential drivers to complete a background check prior to their hiring. After that they are re-screened annually.

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