Dundas Place, London's first flex-street. (File photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)Dundas Place, London's first flex-street. (File photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)

Pilot project will allow artisan vendors on Dundas Place

Get ready for an array of artisan vendors hustling on Dundas Place.

The City of London has launched a new pilot project to permit artisans to operate in designated outdoor spaces along the flex-street. While the pilot project does not apply to food vendors, those looking to sell art, crafts, handmade goods, vintage, or specialty items will be able to apply for a spot, city officials said on Wednesday.

“Introducing more vendors this year helps make Dundas Place London’s most exciting street and a vibrant destination downtown,” said Ryan Craven, the city's manager of core area programs. “Vendors have been a part of larger events on the street for several years, and this pilot program makes it easier for vendors to operate on Dundas Place more frequently.”

Vendor locations between Ridout and Wellington streets will be selected in consultation with MainStreet London and the Downtown London BIA. Street space, amenities, pedestrian activity, and types of nearby businesses will also be a factor in location decisions.

The city is optimistic the vendor pilot program will attract both new small businesses and merchants with existing brick and mortar locations to Dundas. Vendors will have to pay a $25 fee quarterly or a $100 fee annually for administration costs. Proof of vendor insurance will be required. The city will provide vendors with tables and tents.

"The new street vendor pilot program adds to the dynamic energy of Dundas Place and helps expand the variety of products available, while creating more affordable entry points to our local entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Kathy McLaughlin, business development manager at MainStreet London. “We look forward to working with this new group of vendors and helping them grow their businesses downtown.”

Pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular access to Dundas will not be affected by the vendor stalls, city officials said.

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