Sextortion scam prompts safety reminder from Middlesex OPP

Provincial police in Middlesex County are urging residents to think twice before sharing intimate photos and videos online.

The word of caution comes just three days after police were called to investigate the report of a sextortion scam in Thames Centre.

An individual told police late Friday night that they had met a person online and as conversations between the pair progressed intimate photos were shared. Shortly after the pictures were sent, the individual received a message demanding money or the images would be shared with their family and friends, police said.

No money was sent and police were called.

"There is always a risk in sharing intimate images over the internet. Before you hit 'send' remember, you no longer have control over that image," police said.

According to police, an estimated 5 to 10 per cent of frauds are reported to police due to the embarrassment the victim often feels with being tricked.

"If someone demands payment and/or threatens to share your photos or videos, never pay the money," said police. "Screenshot their messages and usernames, block them from social media, and contact police immediately."

The investigation into the Middlesex sextortion scam is ongoing.

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