London Police logo blue (photo by Tamara Thornton, Blackburn Media)London Police logo blue (photo by Tamara Thornton, Blackburn Media)

London Police ratify new deal

A new four-year agreement has been ratified between the London Police Services Board (LPSB) and the London Police Association (LPA).

The parties announced they reached the agreement Monday evening. The new deal will extend to the end of 2026, for both sworn and civilian members.

The current agreement expired on December 31, 2022.

"This is the agreement needed today, for both our police service and our community. Our city, like countless other municipalities across the province, continues to observe and experience the challenges and real struggles associated with keeping police services properly staffed and resourced," said Ali Chahbar, Chair of the LPSB. "This agreement reflects a recognition of the current realities and climate facing our service today and achieves an outcome that will deliver both a substantive and symbolic message that this board will take the requisite steps necessary to ensure the safety, security and well-being of both our city and service.”

The agreement reportedly includes wage increases of 5 per cent (2023), 3.5 per cent (2024), 2.5 per cent (2025), 2 per cent (2026); the introduction of front-line officer and specialty unit incentives to promote front line and investigative supports; improved benefits that support member wellness and mental health; and greater objectivity and accountability in the performance of duties.

“Our messages related to sworn and civilian member wellness and burnout was heard," said Paulo Domingues, LPA President. "We had fulsome conversations about how we can best serve the needs of our current members, bringing them in line with the rest of the province, and future potential members by offering reasonable and fair compensation for the hard work done in often very trying circumstances."

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