Day One Of Work To Rule Campaign

Elementary school teachers across the province start phase one of their "work to rule" campaign today.

Teachers will now refuse to help with administrative duties, there will be no EQAO testing or report card comments, and union members will not partake in professional development meetings.

The Elementary Teachers Federation made the announcement on Friday afternoon, stating if the province and union do not continue bargaining things could escalate.

"What you might see are some withdrawals from additional activities. Right now, parents shouldn't see much of an impact," says Former Director of Education for the Thames Valley District School Board Bill Tucker, who notes this is not a money issue. "It has been on-going issues around management rights in terms of the principals operating and overseeing the management of the school and professional discretion from a teacher's perspective. That's why I think, right now, the union is keeping the strike action at low level."

The two sides have been negotiating for over eight months.

ETFO warns that if progress is not made, teachers will walk off the job and hit the picket lines.

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