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Cold weather alert extended through weekend

As London is expected to remain in a deep freeze over the next few days, the health unit has opted to extend the Cold Weather Alert currently in place.

The alert, initially issued Saturday by the Middlesex London Health Unit, will remain in place throughout the weekend as the forecast for the London-area is calling for a low of -15 C overnight Friday with a windchill of around -23 C.

Saturday and Sunday will be similar with daytime highs of around -7 C feeling more like -15 C. Overnight temperatures are expected to drop to -9 C on Saturday and -16 C on Sunday.

"Anyone planning on being outdoors or taking part in winter activities over the weekend is reminded to prepare for the conditions, including dressing warmly in layers and limiting the amount of time spent outdoors," read a statement from the health unit.

Bitter cold conditions can cause damage to exposed skin and lead to frostbite. Symptoms of frostbite include skin turning red, blue or in later stages, grayish-white. Hypothermia can also occur when a person's internal body temperature drops below normal. Symptoms include pale skin, drowsiness, confusion and hallucinations. Anyone who starts to show these symptoms should seek medical treatment immediately.

A full-list of warming centres around the city can be found on the City of London website.

The Cold Weather Alert is expected to remain in place until Monday morning.

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