Flag of Ukraine. (via Wikipedia)Flag of Ukraine. (via Wikipedia)

Canada announces additional $25 million in aid for Ukraine

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, and Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, announced further aid for Ukraine in a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

The Ministers said that Canada will send the besieged country $25 million worth of non-lethal equipment in the form of helmets, body armour, gas masks, and night vision gear.

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, confirmed that Canada was honouring the request of Ukraine by doing so.


Minister Anand said that a plane carrying equipment will leave as early as Monday. She added that Canada will provide cyber security expertise to Ukraine, as cyber-attacks are a tactic known to be used by the Russians.

Canadian forces will accompany the equipment, though no combat missions are in the cards for Canada or any NATO allies at this time, Anand said.

Though this aid package is of non-lethal equipment, lethal supplies have already been promised and sent to Ukraine.

Even the EU will be supplying lethal aid for the first time in its history.


When questioned about whether or not Russian forces would confiscate the equipment, Anand assured that the first two aid packages sent by Canada have successfully made it into the hands of Ukrainians.

Joly said she has been in very close communication with Poland and other border countries of Ukraine to assure passage into the country.

Neither Minister was willing to speculate about Russia's reaction.

"Only Putin knows what Putin will do," Anand said.

Minister Joly urged Canadians to send photos to any Russian friends or family to show the truth of what is happening in Ukraine. She cited the depth of misinformation spread by the Russian government online and by broadcasters like RT and Sputnik.

"This is one of the first times in our history that a very important war is happening on social media," Joly said.

Both Anand and Joly advised against Canadian citizens travelling to Ukraine to fight for security reasons, despite what they recognized as a strong urge to defend the country.

Joly vowed, during the conference, that Canada would send even more aid to Ukraine.

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